Have you asked yourself why financial literacy is not taught in school? Are your children learning about all they need on money to make better financial decision in the future? What money values are you teaching at home? Are there any practical measures at home to ensure that your children have day to day activities on money and business that will give them a head start in their financial future? What investments are your children involved in? These are the questions that the author seeks to address in this book.

As the author of the bestselling African Wealth Paradigm Shift, a book on personal finance and business with selling in Botswana, Namibia, Kenya, and Tanzania, Kgopa was frequently told, “I wish I read your book when I was young.” This book is then a respond to that wish.

This practical money and business book is written for African parents who are ready to take steps in ensuring their young once learn about money and financial literacy from as early as 6 years of age. Included in the book is the collection of coins by parents, incentives on chores for children, exploiting the power of compound interest and getting children to learn from it by investing in bonds, and lastly getting the children to invest in stocks as minors. Another important element of the book includes learning about crypto currencies which is arguably the future of money. There is parental guide in the book to help the parents to help the children along on their financial literacy journey.


Mothupi Kgopa is the former CEO of Letwaba Holdings, a company owning an egg farm producing 8000 eggs a day, a filling station, a property company, bricks manufacturing, Water Drilling Solutions Company, and Just Cuban restaurant in Brooklyn Pretoria with 52 employees.

As a firm believer in crowd funding Kgopa has helped establish Investment Convention and PUNO which are two crowd funding cooperatives contributing money each month to invest, respectively in, property and manufacturing. The ultimate plan is to convert Puno into a cooperative bank. Puno has already starter investing in manufacturing where tissues are produced at 18 000 production capacity. His present and past entrepreneurial endeavours includes: starting two newspapers, poultry farming, and mathematics study guides. In 2009, Kgopa was the finalist in FNB SEDA Enablis business competition. His past professional work amongst others is inter alia: managing 78 schools in Free State in mathematics and getting the schools to improve from about 40% avarage to 75% average; training mathematics teachers in Western Cape, Free State, Gauteng, and Northern Cape; Lecturing Mathematics at DENEL, NECSA, Tshwane Leadership and Management Academy, and Ekurhuleni East College and Ambassador of Teach South Africa.

Currently Kgopa is the Executive Editor of African Farmers Magazine and CEO of Serala Poultry. As a man passionate about education, Kgopa was honoured to have been invited as Board Member of Teach South Africa


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