This book expands so much of what I thought I knew. We learn everyday! It is important us allow to be schooled especially by one of own. Brace yourselves, for #AfricanLiterature in coalition with #BlackExcellence are about to slay this status quo.

There is no doubt that Mothupi's book has "that thing" . It's lit. Mothupi is unequivocally the Babes weWealth knowledge. 

Above all there is something to note about this writer: the simplistic usage of language. I appreciate him for that. 

Mothupi has provided leadership on that issue of language, hence I recommend this book even to those that do not read on a regular. The information is of paramount importance. That has to be emphasised.

You do not go to the township to teach and tell people about 'nuances, pedagogy and poignancy '. You relay to them in simple terms and that's what we need right now. We need literature that we can relate to. Akere we read to know that we are not alone? We need literature that understands us and cordially addresses us. Read this book and thank me later.


A man I met for the first time in 2013 at the ZCCSF Corporate Dinner, had a conversation on entrepreneurship as I looked up to him and was very inquisitive on steps to take to expose myself to information and not be the typical narrow-minded engineering student. The first advise he gave me was to read books, gave me a list of books to start with: Rich Dad Poor Dad, Think Rich Grow Rich and The Richest Man in Babylon to name a few. Right there and then, I saw the future I had always imagined change from being the ordinary engineer who simply works for a multibillionaire company to that of an extraordinary individual, an individual that dares to dream, who dares to create, innovate and build institutions, companies and  organizations that would contribute to the African society and economy. And to me, entrepreneurship was like that buzzing fly on my ear that I could not ignore. It is through his recommended books that I had this mindset shift, that will soon lead to these companies and organisations through hardwork and perseverance. Hence it feels good to be reading a book authored by a man that redirected my mind to what I believe is the only fundamental solution to dealing with Africa's problems, Entrepreneurship. Dankie Mr. Mothupi Farming-Idol Kgopa

If we as Africans are to strive for financial freedom, the fundamental step is to cultivate our minds, expose ourselves to information and learning. Having just read the opening pages to this book, I already strongly recommend this book to every young South African who aspires for change. NHLANHLA ZULU


But where do I start? African Paradigm Wealth shift is just relevant.

- It covers a wide range of interesting topics
- The Vocabulary is understandable. Really, no bombastic words for change.
- I can relate to the scenarios highlighted in the book. Either with me or somewhere in my surrounding....
- The examples used in the book are easy to grasp, and practical.
- It challenged me to think, listen, observe, analyse situations
- It points out true issues we Africans are facing yet not taking serious, and also suggests possible solutions for tackling them.

while addressing very critical issues, it is a fun and stimulating read. It was definitely worth my time, energy and money.

After reading this book, there is just no way you won't assess yourself, people around you, your current and future life, & the future of our beautiful Africa.

Let us correct the mistakes of our grandparents and their fore fathers. Let us also thank them for the valuable lessons they taught us, and hold on to them.

Power to Reading, education, knowledge and that Wealth better be ready

I admit I had a little notion of what  this word mean "WEALTH".

And I used to ask myself "When do I really start saying I AM Free? I now Know.

Hey, Are you confused between a job and career? This is your read darling !

Have you been crying with your beautiful paper of a degree looking for a job with no luck, For sure it's painful , trust me, this book will teach you  of powerful alternatives,

This book will teach you that it doesn't reward even a cent to feel sorry for yourself, it teaches you to move on and live.

I'm a happy human being through the experience of " Unity", Not everyone annoys ( if there is any), There is definitely power in two or more people gathering together, even if it's for a cup of tea / water . You still have doubt in UNITY? Read about a touching story happened not long ago illustrating the power of Unity, Only in this book


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