My late father Barnabas Kgopa passed his matric maths with Distinction. Though he passed on when I was in Grade 3, i was encouraged to also get a distinction in Maths to honour his memory. My late uncle David Kgopa encouraged me on my last day of applications at Wits to apply, I owe my Mathematics degree to these two men. It is in their memory that Kgopa Foundation for Mathematics is born. The intentions are simple: Get good maths results and get into reputable university. Academic excellence and access to university in courses demanded by the economy will be our two chief aims. 


1. Mathematics Revision Power Pack (our very own)

2. Create assessment for Grade 8 - 12

3. Invite other skilled professionals to train learners in Maths, Science and Accounting 

4. Career days: Invite university students and professionals and organisation in various career fields

5. Have an annual fundraising dinner 

6. Have annual trip - we believe in the saying: once in your life visit a place you've never been to before

7. Liaise with the Limpopo Department of Education 

8. Help learners apply for Bursaries and University 

9. Mentor, Coach and Motivate learners 

10. Use technology to teach and enhance learning 


1. All learners to write a pre-test in Grade 10 - 12

2. Accepted learners will be interviewed why they deserve to be part of Kgopa Foundation for Mathematics 

3. Only 20 learners per Grade will be accepted 

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